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Catering industry
MBL Tour Services

Furniture for cafes, restaurants and bars from China

For HoReCa objects, the interior plays no less role than the service and the quality of the services themselves. Whether it’s a restaurant, hotel or spa - it doesn’t matter, visitors primarily pay attention to the situation. The owners of the institutions are aware of the requirements of the market and strive to equip objects only with high-quality interior items. After all, comfort is exactly what we are always ready to pay for.

To furnish a restaurant or hotel with furniture of at least the middle class, you need to invest a considerable amount (which amounts to hundreds of thousands of American money). Therefore, furniture tours are insanely popular among restaurateurs - with large volumes of purchases in China, you can save up to 80%! We are not talking about the fact that here any furniture is sold cheaply - no. We say that in China the cost of interior and decoration, decoration materials, plumbing and lighting is several times lower than in Europe. That's because the Chinese have their own raw material base, and they are using new technologies with might and main.

At the same time, European quality standards apply at Chinese plants, which guarantees a presentable appearance and a long service life of goods - and for HoReCa objects, the high wear resistance of furniture is especially important.

In China, you can buy textiles for institutions: bedding, towels, bathrobes, napkins, etc. Here you will find cutlery and kitchen equipment - it turns out that the furniture tour will allow you to fully equip the establishment.

In addition, the Chinese are able to work with individual projects. Yes, in South China, where we conduct tours, there are 3,000 furniture factories. But even with such a variety of offers, you may not find suitable items for your exceptional restaurant. Therefore, we focus on the fact that the Chinese are attentive to all the wishes of the client and fulfill them with amazing accuracy.

By the way, experienced restaurateurs have been buying furniture in China for a long time. Even before our company appeared (and it happened 10 years ago), they traveled here and ordered the necessary goods. What can I say - businessmen are the first to recognize winning schemes.


Gastrobar "Vmeste" (Minsk, Belarus)

Gastrobar "Vmeste" - an institution with European cuisine - was fully equipped in China. The owners ordered tables, chairs, sofas, lighting fixtures and even decor during the furniture tour from our company. If we talk about the style of the interior, then it can be defined as a variation on the theme of the loft. The brick wall and beams are diluted with bright eco-leather sofas, and chandeliers with fresh flowers cling to attention. Near the entrance, they designed a “green wall” for a selfie - the latest fashionable invention of phytodesign. A small banquet hall was decorated with decorative plates, also made in China. On each - a quote with the word "together".

Restaurant-karaoke "Vintazh" (Moscow)

Restaurant-karaoke "Vintazh" is about nostalgia. The style of the interior cannot be defined, but retro-references are easy to read in the design. For example, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Charlie Chaplin and for some reason fabulous animals look at visitors from the backs of chairs. Wrought iron chandeliers, aged chests of drawers, brick walls (hello, the ubiquitous loft!), Checkered upholstery - all this takes us to the enchanting world of the past. The situation for Vintazh was purchased in China, and it did not fail. Unique elements of decor distinguish this restaurant from numerous Moscow establishments.

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