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In the interior, vintage is rarely found in its purest form. This "antique" direction may gravitate to the classics, modernity and even rustic style. Everything is decided by furniture and decorative elements.

The task of vintage style is to copy the decor from any past era. This is not about the emasculated stylized interior, but about real retro furniture with all the signs of long-term operation, such as cracks, chips, faded shades and more. Artificially aged parquet or tiles are used to decorate walls and floors, and the ceiling is decorated with stucco. The interior will be appropriate tall cabinets, wrought iron beds and lamps, miniature coffee tables, Viennese chairs and a solid dining table. Family black and white photographs, antique cuckoo clocks and retro posters will give a special charm to your home.

Only a person with a subtle designer flair can decorate an interior in vintage style, because any extra item can turn a house into an antique shop. Much attention is paid to decoration: vintage does not tolerate most modern techniques. For example, a laminate or suspended ceiling will look just ridiculous.

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