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The direction, which in a short time managed to become one of the most trending. Undisclosed structural elements and non-standard accessories in the form of road signs, industrial lights and even bicycle wheels are the main features of the loft style.

It appeared in the 40s in America, when the economic depression tortured industrial enterprises. They had to transfer production to the suburbs, and the deserted buildings in Manhattan were snapped up by a poor bohemian. After 10 years, the interiors that once rented for a penny suddenly received the status of luxury housing.

And all is well, if not for one “but.” When you live in a real semi-abandoned factory room, you get high ceilings, and brick walls, and the charm of a loft is absolutely free. But to issue a regular city apartment in an industrial style costs a lot of money - you definitely cannot call it budget.

Loft is appreciated for its creative atmosphere and functionalism. No partitions and a minimum of furniture. Decor is not welcome here, but there is a place for household appliances. One of the differences between a loft is the combination of old and new. Furniture in such an interior should be as simple as possible, you can combine antiques with modern objects.

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