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Those who are going to purchase a chair from China will need a priori a good catalog to evaluate the capabilities of Chinese manufacturers and, of course, current prices.

Since there are a huge number of furniture factories and manufactures in the Celestial Empire, and there are simply tens of thousands of catalogs, we made this combined catalog, which included the most popular furniture manufacturers among our customers, including those specializing in the production of only armchairs.

The catalog is designed so that potential buyers can appreciate the approximate assortment and prices. To get the catalog, you need to leave a request on this page. Further, in order to save your time, our managers will send you an overview catalog, and also specify in which style and which armchairs exactly, to send you more detailed catalogs. After all, the chair can be leather or textile, soft or hard, can also have different purposes. We will consider all this information before sending you catalogs.

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