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Classics is a suitable option for those who are confused in the classification of styles and want to make their interior refined, but at the same time cozy and understandable. The classic does not tolerate piles and pretentious elitism, even picturesque paintings and modern household appliances are harmoniously combined here.

The interior in the classical style is light and airy; it is distinguished by symmetry and clear geometric shapes. Classics are characterized by restrained decor and natural materials, as well as a warm color palette. Parquet is laid on the floor, and the windows are decorated with noble textile curtains. The classic interior is expensive, but it does not have to declare its value from the doorway.

Furniture is made only of precious wood and is decorated with bronze or copper fittings. Antiques and antique-styled objects fit well into such an interior. As for accessories, vases, figurines, grandfather clocks, candlesticks, art murals and engravings are suitable. For lighting use luxurious ceiling chandeliers and wall sconces with shades. In this section you will find catalogs of furniture and decor from China in a classic style.

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