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In a rustic, natural, natural and very soulful style. No flashy tones, just light, natural motifs and ethnic details.

The country style interior has no place for elaborate luxury items and useless decorations. When decorating the house, only natural materials are used: a stone, a massive board or tile are placed on the floor, and the ceiling is decorated with wooden beams. Walls are covered with paper wallpaper, plain or with a floral pattern. As for textiles, country fabrics are characterized by fabrics such as linen, chintz, cotton, cambric. The furniture in the country style is somewhat primitive, rough, without any decoration, while it has the correct, clear form. Basically it is made from light unpainted wood. In addition, the interior is filled with many cute decorative elements: lamps with lampshades, antique clocks, figurines, books, flowers in pots flaunt here. The peasant household items give a special charm to the house.

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