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High-tech requires the interior to adhere to clear rules that cannot be violated under any pretext. For the sake of these commandments, one sometimes has to sacrifice even functionality and comfort - which cannot be done for the sake of the cold beauty of high-tech style.

The true signs of hi-tech are smooth monophonic walls, carpets without any patterns and decentralized lighting. Also, the interior is characterized by laconic simple forms, straight lines, restrained decor and silver-metallic color. As for materials, hi-tech only recognizes metal, glass and plastic. The room is zoned with sliding partitions and transparent doors. Windows cover horizontal or vertical blinds.

Upholstered furniture with plain upholstery is suitable for a high-tech interior. Despite the fact that there is no place for colorful details, you can revive the monotonous space with one bright spot, for example, in the form of a red or blue armchair. It is not customary to decorate a hi-tech room, but if you really want to, hang a poster or an abstract picture on the wall. This section contains high-tech catalogs of furniture and accessories from China.

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