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Company news and articles on furniture tours on our blog and everything else.
Overview of the Louvre - a shopping center with too much furniture
In the furniture capital of the world, there is a shopping center-city with hundreds of exhibition halls. Only here are not paintings, but sofas, beds, tables, ottomans and other furniture. If you want to see a paradise for interior designers and those who are serious about buying furniture for an apartment, house or even an entire hotel, then it looks something like this.
Macau in one day: space casinos, Venetian gondolas and selfies with the Eiffel Tower
Once in China, it is impossible to stay in one place for a long time. There is a natural need to see this amazing country from different angles, heights and directions. We tell you what to see in Macau in 1 day.
10 quick facts about the famous Chinese kitchen factory OPPEIN
In the nineties, OPPEIN was known only in the Chinese market, and today there are showrooms of the factory in almost every major country. In this video we collected 10 facts about the OPPEIN factory and its famous kitchens.
Gourmet food on tour: a review of Michelin-starred restaurants in Foshan and Guangzhou
We have already said that during the tour our customers eat a wide variety of dishes: from the usual cereals, dumplings and cheeseburgers from McDonald's to fried insects and other exotic things. In this post we will talk about gourmet food and talk about restaurants in Foshan and Guangzhou, whose cuisine was noted by the French Michelin guide.