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China has a special relationship with virtual space. A sophisticated security screen, the so-called Golden Shield, blocks access to all unwanted resources. Allegedly in China you can’t open a popular site or upload photos to Facebook.
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Hack a window to the West: the best VPN services for China

2017-08-01 15:14:17
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China has a special relationship with virtual space. A sophisticated security screen, the so-called Golden Shield, blocks access to all unwanted resources. Allegedly, in China you can’t open either a popular website or post photos on Facebook. At the same time, the Great Chinese firewall is leaky like student socks - from time to time, individual messages from social networks manage to leak through the firewall. But seriously, censorship has long been a headache not only for tourists, but also for those Chinese who do business with Western partners. It’s good that there is a way to get around the Golden Shield - VPN services. And let the Chinese government burst with anger, but as you do not update the system, people still manage to go to foreign sites.

By the way, Internet content has been filtered in China since 2003. Not only Facebook, Instagram and other social networks are in favor, but also Google services along with major global media.

How do the Chinese themselves circumvent the Golden Shield

For so many years, many Chinese people who need to communicate with the West have managed to establish powerful VPNs in their offices and gained access to banned content. Others adapted to life in isolation and do not even worry about this, but use Chinese counterparts of popular instant messengers and networks. For example, WeChat, Qzone, Sina Weibo instead of Telegram, Facebook and Twitter. The Chinese have their own Google - Baidu search engine.

What is a VPN service and how to use it

VPN is a technology that provides an encrypted connection over an Internet connection, i.e. Additional add-on to the Internet. VPNs are used when you need to organize one computer network for an enterprise with several departments that are remote from each other. But much more often it solves the problem of anonymous Internet access, which is necessary in China. The VPN disguises the IP address so that your gadget is connected to another country, for example, the United States - this will open a secret passage through the Great Chinese firewall.

Among the many VPN services, you need to choose carefully, because not everyone will work well in China. You can’t even count on free ones. By the way, start installing a VPN before you travel to China - there it is much more difficult to do.

Which VPNs are suitable for China

ExpressVPN receives the most approving reviews. They say one of the fastest and most reliable networks. Easy to use, ExpressVPN also boasts a friendly support team that responds immediately to user questions. The cost of ExpressVPN is $ 12.95 per month, of course, for an annual subscription, the price per month is more profitable. At the same time, you get one week of free testing and a 30-day money back guarantee if the service does not suit you.

NordVPN is loved for the ability to simultaneously connect 6 devices. The speed of the service is not as high as that of ExpressVPN, but it is also easy to use. Cost - $ 11.95 per month.

The PureVPN network consists of 750 servers located in 141 countries! Configuring this VPN may seem like a daunting task to an insecure user, but it guarantees an increased level of security.

VyprVPN is considered an incredibly fast network, and even with a clear interface. In principle, the service is as reliable as the previous four, and is perfect for working in China. But it costs much cheaper - from $ 5.00 per month.

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