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In the furniture capital of the world, there is a shopping center-city with hundreds of exhibition halls. Only here are not paintings, but sofas, beds, tables, ottomans and other furniture. If you want to see a paradise for interior designers and those who are serious about buying furniture for an apartment, house or even an entire hotel, then it looks something like this.
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Overview of the Louvre - a shopping center with too much furniture

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Why was such a furniture center needed?

The Louvre opened its gigantic doors to customers in 2000. It was then that there was an urgent need to collect all the best and most demanded furniture manufacturers in Foshan in one place. Why the best? Before getting to the Louvre, manufacturers go through the verification procedure developed by the specialists of the shopping center. Therefore, random brands, one-day companies and other dubious representatives do not fall there.

How is everything arranged there?

The total area of the premises is 380,000 m². There are about 2000 original Chinese and more than 100 international brands in the mall. Only calm: it is difficult to get lost and get lost there. Although you can spend a whole week in the Louvre, there is simply an excellent navigation system, and all the furniture is distributed among thematic showrooms. It can be bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, offices, halls, etc. Showrooms, in turn, are divided by style. So, on one level there can be pavilions with indecently expensive classic sofas, stucco moldings, candelabra and coffee tables made of rare wood. Immediately clear - baroque. And on the other - a metal grunge bed, light bulbs on wires, a panel of broken glass and a cute chair in the form of one of the parts of the human body. So you got into the loft.

If you go through all the floors, it will look something like this:

At the first - modern style and hi-tech, garden furniture, kitchens, cabinets, plumbing, tables, chairs, wooden slabs.

On the second - again a modern style + neoclassic, premium segment, office furniture, beds.

On the third - Italian classics, Empire style, Provence, American classics, Art Deco, children's furniture.

On the fourth - classics, carpets, lighting, paintings.

On the fifth - furniture produced by the Louvre factory in different styles, replicas and their own design; interior decor.

On the sixth - originals from foreign manufacturers (for example, Italian), decor, dishes. Museum and restaurant.

How much money do you need to buy furniture in the Louvre?

This furniture center is a representative of the premium segment in Foshan. It happened because in the Louvre there is only proven furniture that has passed all quality control procedures. There is an exclusive segment from well-known Chinese and international brands.

How cool is doing your own?

The Louvre is a clear confirmation that Chinese designers are increasingly moving away from copying top global brands, as it was, say, ten years ago. Many of them have their own recognizable style. And if before chasing copies of Riva, Jumbo Collection, Cornelio Cappellini, Fendi Casa, Giorgetti, now they come to the Louvre to buy furniture from Chinese designers. But when you need a copy or an original - also not a problem: most likely, this or that will be in the Louvre.

An example of your own brand, from which many hearts freeze

Louvre (Classic, VITA)

In the Classic series there are four directions: France, Italy, Spain and America. Choosing between them is painfully difficult if you do not know what you want. So it’s better to prepare for shopping in advance.


Everything is even more interesting here, because the choice is even greater: port-modern, neoclassical, contemporary, modern, new naturalism, eco-style and much more with the prefix luxury. Furniture is embedded in finished interiors, so at a glance it’s clear how it will look in the room. In fact, the Louvre is a platform with hundreds of ready-made design ideas.

If you want to equip an apartment, house or HoReCa object with furniture from the Louvre, write to our managers. They will tell you how furniture tours are.

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