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We tell you what to expect from Chinese dishes, what our customers usually eat on tour and how to go behind furniture and at the same time get acquainted with the gastronomy of another country
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Food on the tour: where to eat, what to try

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If you have never been to China before, and before going on a tour, you cautiously wonder if they cook normal food there at all or if you have to eat sushi and fried grasshoppers, then we have good news: no, you won’t. Guangdong Province, where the tour is held, is a world trade center, and the local service sector has adapted to the preferences of a variety of tourists. So what can you eat there?

Hotel food

Most customers have breakfast at the hotels they stay on during the tour; Often these are hotels near our Foshan office. The hotel menus are nothing extraordinary: they usually offer European breakfasts with traditional oatmeal, toast and coffee.

For example, at Swissotel Foshan, which is located in the same building as our office, a breakfast buffet is served with a wide selection of usual dishes - cereals, soups, fruits and vegetables, yoghurts and freshly squeezed smoothies.

Food from anywhere in the world

If the client has special preferences, for example, he is a vegetarian or eats only Muslim food, a week on the tour is not a reason to change taste habits. For example, Guangzhou - one of the points on the tour itinerary - the third largest city in China and very modern, so there are restaurants with cuisines of various countries - Mexican, Vietnamese, Indian and others.

A reasonable choice is the restaurants of Northeast Chinese cuisine. These are cereals, dumplings, vegetables, meat dishes, everything is very similar to our Slavic dishes, only with local flavor.

Fast food

You won't be bored with your native McDonalds, Burger King or Starbucks either - there are also large fast food chains here. Another option of a democratic snack is food courts or food courts in shopping centers.

You can eat shawarma, if you want. Tell your manager about this - he will show you a couple of secret places with the most delicious shawarma in the city.

Sushi and seafood dishes

You should definitely try the local sushi: these are not the sushi we are used to, they are much tastier! For bars and restaurants, fish and seafood are caught early every morning, so everything is always fresh.

Seasonal fruits

In southern China, the subtropical climate and fruits grow here all year round. If you are going on a tour in spring or summer, you will be in time for the season of mango, durian and lychee. If in winter, try the local sweet cherries, strawberries and pineapples, in the fall - pomelo. The fruits will be peeled and packaged right at the counter in the market so that you can eat them in your room.

Hotpots or “Chinese Samovars”

In hot-pot-restaurants in the center of the table is a bowler, divided into two parts. In each of them a broth boils - sharp and mild. You order the ingredients to taste (it can be vegetables, meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms or something else), put them in the broth and cook. It turns out tasty and healthy.

Hot pots are incredibly popular in China. You are here if you want to try traditional Chinese cuisine and at the same time try to eat right.

Street food and extreme cuisine

In the cities where the tour takes place, there are many shops with street food, but it is better not to try everything in order not to accidentally eat something scorching sharp or absolutely terrible. It is better to consult a guide first.

And yes - we will also help arrange a tasting of fried grasshoppers and other extreme gastronomy, for example, take them to a restaurant where, right in front of the client’s eyes, silkworm larvae, a turtle, something made of snakes or scorpion soup will be cooked. After all, our service is not just a trip for furniture, but also an immersion in another culture, new impressions and emotions.

See how the tasting of local dishes goes on tour

Дегустация местных блюд в мебельном туре

Our customers try a hot pot

Клиенты мебельного тура пробуют утку по-пекински

Our customers try Peking duck

Моллюски гуидак

But what dishes our most daring clients will try. These are clams of guidacs.

Жареные голуби

Looks appetizing, right? In the photo - fried pigeons.

Жареные личинки шелкопряда

Who needs a serving of fried silkworm larvae?

Our customers' choice: 3 non-Chinese restaurants in Foshan where you can eat during the tour

The paddyfield irish pub

Cuisine: International, European, Irish

What's interesting: the pub has a large selection of ale and Irish beer, draft and bottled, delicious burgers and nachos. And here sports games are broadcast, live music is played.

Summer House Pizza Bar

Cuisine: international and European, there is a vegetarian menu

What's interesting: our customers praise the local pizza and cocktails. There is a cozy terrace with a large TV screen and live music in the evenings.

Little india restaurant

Cuisine: Indian

What's interesting: you can eat vegans here, although in Little India, meat-eaters are also happy to eat. Our customers are advised to try the local curry. The restaurant owners, by the way, are from India and are well versed in the intricacies of the kitchen.

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