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We talk about Chinese qigong gymnastics
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Qigong gymnastics: what can be learned from Taoist monks

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Gone are the days when people could afford small imperfections, bad habits and the right to be ourselves. Strict rules force us to chew falafel joyfully, to condemn those who are not averse to skipping a glass of red dry, and to extort a smile on a demonstrative selfie from the gym. Another passion for the demanding appearance of mankind is Chinese qigong gymnastics, which supposedly helps to find beauty, youth and health.

What is qigong

The Chinese know a lot about the right way of life. In general, oriental culture is what it is all about: striving for harmony with itself and the world around it. It is unclear where the legs are growing from, but Chinese qigong gymnastics was suddenly declared fashionable practice - and even Europeans, eternal neurotics, selflessly set about mastering the style of the “flying crane”.

Seriously, qigong is a kind of art that combines exercises, meditation and breathing techniques. This whole system of methods affects not only healing, but also reveals the spiritual potential of the individual. Everyone can practice qigong, this does not require any special physical preparation, and classes do not take much time. Even 20-30 minutes a day is enough to learn to hear your intuition and make the right decisions. At least that's what the qigong masters say.

The basis of qigun therapy is the idea of the existence of qi energy, which permeates the whole world and each person individually. By the way, in the human body, qi seems to be concentrated three fingers below the navel. For qigong practitioners, this energy begins to circulate correctly throughout the body - this way they strengthen health and expand consciousness.

They say that the appearance of gymnastics is closely connected with Taoism - Chinese teachings, the followers of which have been busy searching for immortality for the past century. In the 1st millennium AD Taoist monks began to develop internal practices and work with qi. In fact, the concept of “qigong” unites many schools and schools, we only talk about the general significance of this phenomenon of Chinese culture.

How to move qi energy through the body

The course of studies depends on what goal the student sets for himself. Recovery from trauma or increasing endurance, and maybe preparation for philosophical practices.

Before you start gymnastics, you need to achieve the correct state - that is, to find inner serenity. Exercises are mastered quickly and easily, difficulties arise with meditation and breathing training. But you can’t do without them, because it is precisely breathing techniques that allow you to increase qi energy and increase its density.

It is advised to practice qigong outdoors in loose clothing made from natural materials. Bright light or loud sounds can prevent concentration on the main thing, but this does not mean that you need to practice in the dark and absolute silence. Everything is good in moderation. When performing exercises, load the muscles sequentially, from the legs to the head.

Any qigong master will tell you - it makes no sense to write out a pretzel in the air without a conscious approach to practice. Understanding the true purpose of Chinese gymnastics will give your smooth movements a sacred meaning.

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