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WeChat now has over 700 million active users, with 10% of them living outside of China. WeChat is considered the best way to communicate with Chinese partners and customers.
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What is WeChat and why can it conquer the world?

2017-08-01 15:14:17
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After the Golden Shield blocked access to global social networks, resourceful Chinese began to develop their web services for the exchange of information. In 2011, Tencent introduced the WeChat application, a messenger that over the years has become not only a real social network and a bit of a media, but also a popular payment platform.

WeChat now has over 700 million active users, with 10% of them living outside of China. WeChat is considered the best way to communicate with Chinese partners and customers. And although many of the vaunted features of the application are not visible to those registered outside the country, foreign versions of WeChat are still different from the simple WhatsApp and Viber. In this material we will talk in detail about the main features of a unique service.

Chats and Moments

First of all, Tencent provided people with a convenient way to exchange text and voice messages. New contacts in WeChat are added according to the principle of WhatsApp - through the phone numbers of users. Using the application, you can send photos, videos to friends, share your location, make audio or video calls, and create group chats.

By the way, among the instant messengers, WeChat, in our opinion, has the most fun animated stickers.

Moments is the same news feed familiar to us from VK or Facebook, but with a higher level of privacy. Here you add statuses, videos, links to articles, and friends comment and like them. Only those friends to whom you allow this can see your updates.


The Chinese have become so fond of electronic payments that Wallet has become their wallet literally. When registering, the user ties a bank card (necessarily Chinese) to Wallet, but the funds received are not credited directly to the account - they must be withdrawn.

Using Wallet is easy. This section has options that allow you to pay utilities and online purchases, order a taxi and movie tickets, transfer money to other users. With Wallet, you can also make offline purchases and pay at the restaurant. The QuickPay system is built into the application - it displays a QR code, and the cash register scans it and writes off the required amount. It turns out that you open your wallet wide open to the seller! But there is nothing to fear. Firstly, after each transaction, the user receives a notification about how much money has been debited from the account. Secondly, the QR code is updated every minute.

Among other things, Wallet allows you to send e-hongbao - electronic red envelopes. Have you heard about the Chinese tradition of giving each other money on New Year's Eve? So, now the Chinese are sending electronic money to close relatives. But the developers tried to keep the moment of joyful foreboding in these virtual congratulations - the amount can be found out only after you “open” the envelope.

And yes - while Wallet is only available to users who have registered in China.

Options for those who want to get to know each other

WeChat has some extremely strange options that make it possible to get to know each other. Say, "Shake." Select this function in the menu, enter who you would like to see - a man or a woman, and then shake the phone. They will show you a potential friend - the person who also shook the phone at that moment - and the distance between you.

A similar feature is called Letter in a Bottle. You write any message and send it to the network. If any user likes it, he will answer you.

Official accounts and stores

Despite the fact that Tencent does not rely on advertising, WeChat is a good marketing platform. The Subscriptions section contains official accounts of various companies - subscribe to them and see the updates in your news feed. In addition, brands have the opportunity to launch an advertising post in Moments, however, the minimum cost of such a campaign is $ 30,000. Advertising is targeted by age, gender, location and type of device.

Owners of official accounts can open a store on WeChat: both with limited functionality, and with the possibility of analytics and active promotion of goods.

New WeChat Features

In the updated version of WeChat, two functions became available to users: Top Stories and Search. Top Stories is top news from the Moments feed, and Search allows you to find everything related to it by the entered word.

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