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Дистанционный заказ мебели из Китая
Сервис комплексной закупки мебели из Китая на дистанции. Теперь вы можете полностью укомплектовать объект мебелью из Китая, не выходя из дома.
Complete any object in 5 days with a minimum saving of 2 times
A unique service solves the problem of completing turnkey housing. Chinese factories are not inferior to Italian in terms of quality and design, but at the same time their furniture is much cheaper. Why? Find out more on the service page.
Check out our gallery, which contains photos and videos about the furniture tour
In our gallery, we have collected all the possible photo and video materials that relate to the furniture tour to China. You can look at these materials and make sure that China is a leader in world furniture production.
Check our knowledge base for strength! We have collected the answers to all your questions.
We have gathered all our knowledge about the furniture tour into a single database and are happy to share this knowledge with you. Here you will find information about customs clearance, cargo delivery, overhead costs and answers to your other questions.
Get to know our company, our achievements and experience
We have been working in the field of similar services since 2008 and we have accumulated enough materials that we can share with you. You can see photos from furniture showrooms, video reviews on trade prices, 360-degree videos from stores in China.

Broadcast “Couch critic”

Our YouTube channel
Watch the first season:
Series 1. Kitchens in China, Guangzhou.
Series 2. Plumbing.
Series 3. Decor.
Series 4. Tiles, stones, mosaics.
Series 5. Lighting.
Series 6. Upholstered furniture.
Series 7. Bedrooms.
Series 8. Dining areas. A restaurant.
Series 9. Office furniture.
Series 10. Garden furniture and equipment.
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What our clients think

All client reviews
I came across an advertisement of MBL Tour when I was looking for furniture for two apartments. I am going to rent these apartments, so I wanted to furnish them in a modern style. During the week of the tour I bought not only all the furniture and decor in the apartment for rent, but also some furniture for my apartment. Children's slides for the son and two very cool massage chairs. The Japanese armchair, for which I once gave back $ 10,000, and did not stand next to the Chinese. I am very pleased that in such a short period I was able to order so much furniture. In Russia, you would have to spend much more time on this! In addition, I managed to bargain with sellers)) More than once I was able to get a good discount.
I am the head of the design studio marideco.ru, I have been engaged in design for more than 10 years. Worked with different furniture manufacturers. My friend flew to China, so I decided. Moreover, furniture was needed for one project. In China, there is such a choice - eyes run wide, it is difficult to dwell on something even for us designers. The prices were very surprising: for example, they bought a kitchen 2 times cheaper than they would have bought in Russia. The same mosaic with us costs 9500 rubles per m2, in China - 1500 m2. We not only worked on this trip, but also rested: we walked, examined the sights, bought souvenirs and gifts.
Interior designer
Thanks to manager Alla for organizing this tour! We learned about the company from the Internet, immediately decided on a trip. At the Guangzhou airport, we were met by the manager and head of the company Cyril. We had dinner together, Cyril told a lot of interesting things about China. What impressed me most was the huge selection in Chinese malls. I have not seen such a thing in Belarus or in Russia. If not for our guide, we would probably choose a month. And so everything was ordered in 5 days. They brought the finished furniture two months later. Curtains of the wrong color came, but the company fixed everything - with the next container from China, others sent us.
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2020-03-24 16:36:12
Case: how Natalya completed a house with an area of 1000 m² per week
Natalia was faced with the task of equipping a house with an area of 1000 m² in the suburbs. She turned to the managers of MBL Tour for a consultation. Introductory ones: buy home furniture, lighting, garden furniture, decor and much more. Natalia immediately noted that she was not chasing “high-profile” brands. For her, in the first place, the quality of materials and exact compliance with
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2020-03-24 15:08:32
Case: customers have completed the town house and share tips with those who are going on a furniture tour
When Marina and her husband turned to our company, it immediately became clear: they needed everything at once. And it is desirable in one place that the purchase of furniture and decor does not stretch for several more years. As Marina will share later, she was even a little disappointed that she dragged on so much with the furniture tour, because already at the finishing stage it was possible to
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2020-03-06 14:39:21
Our client’s case: how to start home improvement if it’s not yet completed?
One month after contacting our company, Ivan and Natalya went on a furniture tour. The goal is to equip a 360 m² house. At that time, the object was at the final stage of construction, and it played into the hands. Firstly, it was already possible to make all the necessary measurements and plan the space. Secondly, furniture and finishing materials were delivered just in time for the completion


How much does a furniture tour cost?
The cost of the tour consists of:

1. Flight (round-trip tickets cost - from $ 400 per person, depending on the terms of booking and airline);

2. Accommodation (from $ 60 per day for a double room, depending on the type of accommodation);

3. Accompaniment (escort of the guide-interpreter manager and a car with a driver for a full-time job - $ 100 per day, 3 people comfortably accommodate in the car, if you plan a trip with a large staff - individual coordination is required).

Our remuneration is additionally paid - the client pays 5% of the order value to our company (this amount includes transaction support, communication with manufacturers in the process of specifying the order and production, quality control of goods with an unlimited number of visits to factories, communication with the customer, preparation of goods for shipment, as well as the preparation of documents for the transport of goods).

How to pack goods before loading into a container?
It all depends on the product itself. Materials for packaging are selected based on mechanical stability, strength, type of goods and guarantee the safety of the cargo during transportation, as well as unloading and loading operations. We always check the factory packaging. As a rule, after receiving the goods in our warehouse, we strengthen the packaging from the manufacturer with an additional crate, whip or replace it with a stronger one.
What else but furniture can I order in China?
In China, you can purchase everything you need to equip an object: whether it be a private house or apartment, or an object of the HoReCa segment. Our customers most often buy: finishing materials (stone, tile, parquet, panels, etc.), plumbing, furniture (including built-in (kitchens, dressing rooms), light (street lighting, chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, spotlights and even lamps ), switches, sockets, decor, textiles (carpets, curtains, pillows, blankets, bedding, towels, bathrobes, etc.), dishes. You can also purchase outdoor furniture (arbors, deck chairs, tables, chairs, etc.), covering made of artificial grass, a jacuzzi and pools, specialized equipment for restaurants and cafes, spa, salons, hotels, etc. Before the tour, we work out the specification or design project of the client in detail and determine what can be and is beneficial, individually in each object, to consider for purchases in China.
How long is the furniture made?
The maximum production time for complex cabinet furniture is 45 days.
How to order built-in furniture?
To order built-in furniture, the exact dimensions of the room are needed. At the factory, specialists together with you will draw a detailed sketch of all the elements, this sketch is approved by you and sent to production. For the assembly of this furniture in the kit is a detailed instruction in English.
Are Italian furniture made in China?
More than 40% of Italian brands place their production in China, Italian designers work in Chinese factories. Therefore, you have the opportunity not only to buy the same Italian furniture directly from the manufacturer, but also to significantly expand your choice at the expense of local factories, which are not inferior in quality.
How are stone and tile delivered?
They are delivered together with the main cargo. Working since 2008, we know exactly how to pack and place any type of goods in order to minimize all risks.
Can I split an order into two deliveries?
If we are talking about a large volume, then, of course, it can be divided into several deliveries.
How is delivery delivered?
Delivery is by sea, railway, trucks. It all depends on the region. Delivery is carried out to the exact address of the client.
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We know everything about furniture, and we'll be happy to share this valuable information with you!

The idea of organizing furniture shopping tours was born out of a natural desire to buy a high-quality product at an affordable price. With its huge selection and low prices, China turned out to be an ideal place for furniture shopping.

MBL Tour is your trustworthy guide through the magical world of furniture. We have developed a safe and convenient strategy for purchasing furniture, accessories, and finish materials in China. We control every stage of production and shipment, protecting our clients from any kind of fraud and risk. For us, there are no big or small orders. We take equal care of every purchase our clients make.

Safety and comfort are the two principles we rely on in our work. With MBL Tour, shopping for furniture in China becomes effortless and enjoyable.

We have been introducing our clients from Russia and Belarus to the amazing world of China since 2008. Our specialists have an excellent knowledge of the Chinese language, local legislation, and furniture market. Rather than a tedious task, your trip to China will become an unforgettable experience filled with positive emotions.

South China (Guangzhou, Guangdong Province) has a humid subtropical climate. It's the most economically developed and populated region of the country. With its unique raw materials base, South China boasts an unrivalled concentration of furniture and textile producers. This is why we bring our clients here.

We take care of every aspect of your trip, including purchasing, shipment in the territory of China, order consolidation and storage (we have our own warehouse), international shipment, and customs clearing (on your request). All you have to do is enjoy your trip! Don't miss a great opportunity to discover the breathtaking Chinese culture and make a bargain!

Our furniture instagram @mbltur

Furniture tours to China
Subscribe, here we share examples of furniture, show our service in detail and talk about interesting features of life in China.
In our work,
we comply with international quality standards
sgs 2000 certificate iso 9001 certificate inc magazine certificate drs certificate

Mass media and bloggers about us

“MBL Tour” organizes all trips in such a way as to leave time for the client to relax. All wishes can be discussed with the manager who will plan the tour.
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A furniture tour is an opportunity to buy status furniture and decor at a manufacturer's price. And along with it - to go on a trip. The company MBL Tour will help to combine business with pleasure.
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If you decide to buy a stone in China, then the MBL Tour company will be an excellent conductor. Tracks and monitors each stage of the production of your order.
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Specialists of MBL Tour can prepare a full or partial design project, as well as draw up a furniture arrangement diagram.
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A video about how a popular interior designer and YouTube blogger Mikhail Shaposhnikov came to visit us, more than 200,000 people have subscribed to his channel “Designer's Diary”.
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An overview of the furniture tour from video blogger Kasho Hasanov, whose YouTube channel has more than 300,000 subscribers.
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MBL Tour has been organizing furniture tours to China for residents of the CIS (Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia) since 2008.
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Our organization is a member the Chamber of Commerce of Hong Kong

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